My journey into the world of flowers and professional floristry began over 20 years ago when I started work as a florist in my native Tokyo. However, as a child I had a natural fascination, or you could say an obsession, with nature and its natural beauty.

It’s fair to say becoming a florist had always been a dream of mine from a very early age. I can still vividly remember those first days working in Tokyo and being filled with excitement and intrigue when I received a new delivery of flowers from the flower market. Each delivery would bring new surprises everyday and I developed a great respect and understanding for flowers and their natural beauty.

About Matsurika Flowers London

I gained much of my experience in Tokyo where I eventually ended up working for an international hotel. I cherished my time there as it gave me the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects. I was able to fully express my creativity and develop my floristry skills creating original flower designs for weddings and an array of corporate events.

“Flowers are energy, they have transformative powers that are hard to articulate but can be seen & felt.”

In 2006 I left Tokyo and moved to London with a desire to work at some top reputable florists whose styles are known around the world.
As an experienced professional florist I combine my passion for flowers with my love for fashion, art and design. I am continually inspired by world history and culture and love to combine vintage and antique styles.